The Calaveras County Perinatal Substance Use Program is an Intensive Outpatient Program designed to provide gender-specific substance abuse treatment for substance abusing women who are pregnant and/or parenting children, or in the process of reunifying with their children. The program also addresses issues which make it difficult for a mother to lead a fulfilling, healthy and drug-free life. Intensive Outpatient Services groups are provided 3 days per week, for up to six months. In some cases, the program may be extended. Calaveras County residents with Medi-cal coverage will have zero liability for outpatient services, non Medi-cal Calaveras residents will be charged fee for service based on verified income. Admission preference given to pregnant and/or IV drug users.

The program provides the following services: 

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment program: (IOP) gender-specific substance use treatment for women provided by counselors in two 90-minute groups per day, 3 days per week.
  • Drug/alcohol drug tests are provided according to a client’s treatment requirements and plan.  
  • Child Care is provided on-site for participants’ children birth to 36 months, by child development staff. This service will be available during group hours.
  • Parenting education and life skills training.
  • Case Management: to link women and their children to other needed services including, but not limited to:
  • Primary medical care, including HIV and tuberculosis testing, education and counseling
  • Primary pediatric care
  • Prenatal care & education on the effects of alcohol & drugs on the fetus
  • Family counseling
  • Sober living housing, if available  
  • Dental care
  • Social services
  • Literacy skills
  • Mental health counseling (parent and/or child)
  • Vocational skills training